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If you’ve experienced property damage from a Florida disaster or any water leaks, your next move will most likely be preparing an insurance claim. Have you done this before? Who can you rely on? It’s important to realize that the insurance company will have its own insurance adjuster working on your claim.

Damage to your property shouldn't
damage your future!

Protect your rights as a policy holder of commercial or residential damage claims.


Eliminate the headaches of dealing with insurance companies. Our fire claims adjuster will properly assess the damage and determine an accurate cost of repairs.


ACP works and communicates with your insurer and attorneys to expedite the claims process and up the chances of receiving fair compensation for losses.


Insurance policies typically cover water damage from a burst pipe, faulty plumbing, or other damage. If the water leak is a direct result of one of these covered perils, your claim is more likely to be approved.


Our public adjusters are experts in claim management and work for you the policyholder on your insurance claim after experiencing flood damage.


Storm damage claims covers wind, hail, rain, and lightning damage. Our team is constructed of local, trusted experts in getting you the maximum payout.


American Claims Protection works for you, not the insurance companies. We are a Florida licensed public adjusting firm that represents home and business owners in negotiating with their insurance companies.


Free evaluations and inspections. Call us today and our licensed adjusters will carefully review and analyze your insurance policy, including any endorsements, exclusions, and limitations to help develop the best claim strategy for your situation moving forward.


No charge, unless you get paid. With our aggressive claim strategy, our skilled negotiators fight for the maximum claim payout possible. We ensure that all your rights under the policy are met with the best possible outcome on your claim.


We work fast to get your insurance claim handled hassle free. We can get you up the most from your insurance claim, with 30 years of experience and millions recovered.


Residential Properties

File a residential claim, don't wait until the official statute of limitations runs out of time. Start the process today.

Commercial Properties

Our Florida commercial public insurance adjusters are highly motivated to recover as much as possible after your devastating loss.

Retail Properties

We represent residential and commercial property owners who've suffered property damage and need help with their insurance claims.

Office Buildings

Protect your investment! Consult our office buildings commercial property public insurance adjuster about your property damage. Call us for a FREE claim evaluation.


American Claims Protection adjusters has successfully handled property damage insurance claims for policyholders with warehouses damage, strip centers, malls and other industrial buildings.


We can help you get a fair compensation for industrial property damage. Maximize your settlement. Call us today!


American Claims Protection

We fight for our client's maximum payout

Massive floods are becoming a more frequent occurrence, causing billions of dollars in damage annually. Despite rising numbers of insurance claims each year, the cost of damages caused by floods still often outweighs the amount of coverage received. One tiny inch of water can cause insurmountable damage to your home, leaving you with thousands of dollars in repair costs. However, while flooding is a reality for many, it doesn’t have to be a total disaster. By working with a public adjuster, you can learn how to protect your property and prepare for the worst-case scenario. With a little planning, you can be ready to conquer whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Florida Public Adjuster


Start the process with American Claims Protection, file a claim today! We will contact you for the opportunity to represent you by evaluating your damages and  adjusting your claim with your insurance company.


Gregory Lee
Fitness Center Owner

I had a great experience with American Claims Protection, the adjuster gave me a very detailed estimate and I recovered more than I thought I could.

Alex Black
Sportsman, boxer

Highly recommend ACP, thanks for all your help!

Gwen Freewind
Office Manager

Our house fire was devastating, and was so much hassle dealing with the insurance company until we decided to speak to ACP, the adjuster handheld us through the process and simplified everything, we had a peace of mind.

Alicia Brown
Property Manager

The team at American Claims Protection was so helpful. Highly recommend them for water damage claims.

Anna Anderson
Fitness trainer

Thanks for recovering our loss, we don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for ACP to get us back on ground.

Gillian Gilmore

Super service, our office building got flooded during Irma, was horrific, we had mold, could not be worst. American Claims Protection got us a fair settlement and were able to recover.

Donna Bright
Vacation Homes Owner

Florida weather is bad, we got flooded with every rainfall. We had mold growing all up our walls and was unsafe environment for our kids. The insurance company did not help, so we called ACP, thankfully they got us money to fix the issue and have a normal living environment.

Alexa Johnson
Real Estate Agent

Don’t work with the insurance company, work with your public adjuster. ACP You are the best!

Miriam Anderson

They helped me save my house, the insurance paid the settlement in full

Richard Green
Warehouse Owner

Thanks for the wonderful team at ACP they recovered most of my warehouse loss.

Diana Swift
Book Store Owner

American Claims Protection is a trusted company, I would not go anywhere else for property damage insurance claims.

Jessica Brown
Beauty blogger

Awesome service, very professional! Thank you

Frequent questions

We specialize in natural disaster cases, flood, hurricane damage, water leaks, pipe bursts, mold damage and fire.

American Claims Protection holds an active license in the state of Florida, U.S.A.

American Claims Protection has been in business for combined 30 years of expertise.

We will gladly provide references along with recommendation letters from previous clients. Please call us or email 

We work alongside of CPA to ensure all matters are handled properly. We have a CPA on staff.

Each claim needs individual attention from the public adjuster, and we take each case seriously. Our adjuster fights each claim individually and devotes all his time to the specific case allocated to him to provide the attention it deserves.
 Each case is unique and handled with care.

American Claims Protection has public adjusters on staff and each case is allocated an adjuster, they will be the primary point of contact on the case.

The choice of public adjuster is of great importance. ACP public adjuster gets policyholders on average two to four times more in their insurance settlement than if they had not used one. This is proof positive that by using a public adjuster you’re assured much more money for your insurance claim.


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